Six Songs from Tucson CD and EP

EP6 FrontThese songs are all on my 2009 album “Plain & Simple” but HERE include our drummer who made us a trio in 2010. The trio performed these songs at the 2011 Tucson Folk Festival. Since then, many folks asked for a recording of our set. Here it is!

The songs are:
Second Chance
Have You Been There Too?
If That Ain’t Crazy
They Surely Won’t Forget
Tucson to Tehran

Some of these songs date far back in my songwriting career. “Sailin’ I co-wrote with my dear friend Rick Graves in 1977 as we tried to sustain a band in Ogden, Utah. The “Disco” craze had just erupted and live-music venues were disappearing faster than we could pack our equipment.  I wrote “If That Ain’t Crazy” during that same time and in unfortunately is still relevant.SalesBurstEP6 Front

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